Our children's service covers all major types of eye condition such as:

• Premature babies are at risk of losing vision due to Retinopathy of Prematurity.
• Consanguineous marriages, poor nutrition and infections in pregnancy may lead to cataracts in the new born.
• Congenital Glaucoma (buphthalmos).
• Refractive errors may lead to subnormal vision development and Lazy eyes (amblyopia).
• Squint may cause loss of binocular vision.
• Environment may induce allergic conjunctivitis, a chronic nuisance.
• Children are susceptible to injuries too.
• They may be bothered by nasolacrymal obstruction causing watery eyes.
• They could have eyelid anomalies.
• They could harbour eye and life threatening cancer- Retinoblastoma

This department at NNH offers a full range of treatments for children’s eye conditions.