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Equipped with the most modern facilities, highly skilled and knowledgeable full-time dedicated specialists and highly motivated staff, Eye Care services at Navya Nethralaya is committed to clinical excellence and personalized and best patient care at all times to all. Our specialists work closely together to understand and address each patient’s needs. From a routine vision examination to LASIK Eye Surgery, at Navya Nethralaya you can be sure of ‘Eye Care Beyond Compare’.


Cornea is the transparent, dome-shaped tissue covering the front of the eye. It is like the watch glass of a wristwatch. Cornea is a powerful refracting surface and provides about 2/3rd of the eye’s focusing power.Read more..


Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness over the world Glaucoma is the condition in which Optic nerve undergoes progressive damage, looses its fibres, due to various reasons, commonest being high eye pressure Read more..


Lens is the tool the eye uses for the fine focusing of light on retina and for accommodation - that is to focus near objects.Read more..


The retina is like the film in a camera. When the focused light hits the retina, a picture is created and sent to the brain through the optic nerve, thus giving us vision.Read more..


Refractive errors can be corrected by simple means as with Spectacle lenses and Contact lenses - which correct the errors as along as they are worn. Read more..


This department at NNH treats the tissues surrounding the eye ball, including the eyelids, extra-ocular muscles, socket and tear system.Read more..


Our children's service covers all major types of eye condition such as:Read more..


In general, staff in our contact lens service treat patients whose vision cannot be improved with spectacles, but can be improved with contact lenses.Read more..


NNH offers accident and emergency treatment for urgent, sight-threatening problems.Read more..


Pertains to the Optic nerve which connects from eye where we "see" and brain where we "visualize and comprehend".Read more..


Uvea is the middle coat of the eye, the vascular coat, Being rich in blood, it is prone for various blood borne conditions forming a spectrum. Read more..


This department at NNH serves, which is sometimes also known as primary care, treats general eye problems like conjunctivitis, pterygium, dry eye, computer vision syndrome and many more.Read more..

What Our Patients Say

  • My very sincere thanks to all of you, for the highly professional way you attended and dealt with my problem. I felt confident, right from the start that I was in safe hands. Needless to say, I will have no hesitation in recommending you, and have already done so.

    Padma .S
  • Doc. Is very good. Has a personnel touch advices and explains the rrason for advice. Very rare to get professionals like him in this part of the globe.

    Kishore. P
  • Everything was wonderful and best of all. All employees right from the lift man to the senior staff all were extremely courteous and helpful.